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Tiny house are getting a lot of attention as the idea of a minimalism is gaining traction. In a world bombarded with technology and increasing speed in which we share data pressure is building to perform at a faster rate than ever before. At times I find my self mentally…
Want to get healthy and have fun?? Well watch this video, we are talking to Teresa a personal Trainer and wellness coach at Bob Temple YMCA!
Who doesn't LOVE a massage?? Welcome to Spotlight Saturday! Today we will be speaking to Lisa Williams from Knoxville Massage Therapy Center! #SpotlightSaturdayepisode33 Looking to buy or sell a home?? Call me 865-237-8117
Are you looking for something to do this summer? Do you like music and family fun? I may have the answer for you.👀 Watch this video!! Welcome to another episode of Spotlight Saturday. Today we are talking to Kim Bumpas with Visit Knoxville. Be sure to check out their…